Happy Holidays

Gratuitous pic of peanut:

So – peanut and I went to the mall today.  Yes, the germ-infested, packed, and grumbly mall.  Bought a gift for daddy and a few other small things.  Peanut is easy going when we’re out as long as she can see me or her daddy.  She is beginning to get some stranger anxiety and anxiety about new places/sounds.  Like when we went into the restroom to change her diaper.  First of all – I was in a brand new Barnes & Noble and assumed that the changing table would be of a decent size.  Wrong.  It was small, probably one of the smallest I have seen – with grooves in it in such a way that it seemed like peanut was hitting her head on plastic.  This of course did not make her happy.  I laid her down and could tell she was not pleased so I distracted her with the usual “it’s okay!  I’m right here!”.  Of course this only worked momentarily until the person in the stall next to us flushed the toilet.  The sound was so loud that it totally freaked her out.  She cried and cried.  And to make matters worse she had a diaper blowout.  Eventually we recovered from the whole ordeal and went on our merry way.  When we exited the restroom the people sitting in the reading area all looked at me with THAT LOOK.  The I-either-don’t-like-kids-or-have-forgotten-what-it’s-like-to-have-small-kids-and-think-babies-should-be-kept-out-of-public-view look.  I beg of you – try not to give people THAT LOOK.  Babies cry, alright?  I can’t sit in my house all day every day like some kind of shut-in.  Having a baby sure has made me view things differently.  Baby crying during a dinner out?  No problem.  Child babbling in between orchestra pieces (this happened to me recently).  I.don’t.care.  I feel for you mommies & daddies!

Anyway – enough of my ranting.  The pic above is one that I took of peanut in the holiday dress that I bought her the day that I found out that I was having a baby girl. You can’t really tell in the photo, but she is wearing the infamous babylegs that I love so much!  She is holding her first Christmas ornament which can be found here – not only is it cute, but it is safe for her little hands (and mouth) to explore.  Happy Holidays everyone!!



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4 responses to “Happy Holidays

  1. fortheloveofgarlic

    Beautiful photo!! Love your posts so far, at the very least, this will be the best “scrapbook” ever. 🙂

    One question. Do you use Photoshop? If you do, you should check out these photo actions. http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/2009/08/pioneer-woman-action-sets-1-and-2-updated/

    Super easy to use and lots of fun. Your photos are already so wonderful, these will just kick them up a notch! I can see you getting a lot of use out of the “bring on the eyes” action. 🙂

    • Hey Erin! Thanks so much! I love pioneerwoman’s site! I do not have photoshop (yet). I have been using a free trial of lightroom – having fun with it but I definitely have a lot to learn. I had no idea she had actions posted on her site – I will definitely check them out – maybe play around with them with someone else’s photoshop! Thanks!!

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