You know you’re a parent when…

Hubby and I have this thing we say after we notice how drastic our life has changed since we’ve had peanut – we say “you know you’re a parent when…” and then we fill in the blank with whatever gross, unexpected, or baffling thing has occurred.

And so begins my “You know you’re a parent when” series:

#1  When asked by your partner how your shower (overdue, as usual) was, the one and only word that comes to mind is “glorious.”

#2  You look forward to said showers for uninterrupted “me” time.

#3  You catch your child’s throwup with your bare hands.

#4  Poopy diapers become a morning, noon, night, breakfast, lunch, and dinner conversation. *you were worried there for a second, weren’t you?

#5  Going to the grocery store, bathroom, or anywhere really is an accomplishment.

#6  You actually do not mind picking your child’s nose.

#7  You get up and realize that you have an unused open diaper stuck to your butt.

#8  You lift your child up for the sole purpose of sniffing their diaper.

Do you have some of your own “you know you’re a parent when“-isms?

Gratuitous pic of peanut


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7 responses to “You know you’re a parent when…

  1. Colleen Knopka

    I always say you know you’re a parent when you wipe spit up with your bare hands and examine dirty diapers! It’s so worth it!!! PS this page is soo cute!

  2. Elyse

    Becca-I love your blog! From the amazing pics to your parent-isms…awesome 🙂

  3. bad4shidduchim

    Don’t forget – you wave gratuitous pictures of your child in everyone’s view and are completely unapologetic about it. 😛

  4. Kim

    You know you’re a parent when your daughter calls out to you for the first time saying “Momma!” 🙂 I can relate to your list so far except for #7… never had that happen, but at least when it happened to you (or Mark) it was unused! Love you, Becca. ~Mom

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