My little elfie

Yesterday peanut and I were pretty much stuck indoors since hubby and I decided it was best that he take the truck to work.  My car, a VW beetle, is a bit more difficult to get peanut into on a regular day – let alone a snowy, icy one.  So naturally, with nowhere to go, we had a little photography session:

This book is one that hubby and I picked out for peanut.  We like it because it has a short little story that you can read each day of December leading up to Christmas.  It tells the story of Christmas and as peanut gets older there are some pages that have crafts and activities to go along with the story.  The book itself is a nice thick board book so peanut can turn the pages herself.

Hubby and I think peanut looks like a little elf in this cute hat that my Nana made for her.  She wears it nearly every time we go out and we always get so many compliments on it!  Yesterday was the perfect excuse to finally snap a picture (or 10) of her in it.

Yesterday was actually a rough day nap-wise for peanut.  I don’t know if she is teething or what.  Every time I tried putting her down for a nap it was a battle (those of you on facebook read the play by play).  And each time I finally did get her to go down something happened.  The first time it was the maintenance men revving up the snow-blower outside the window.  The second time – after hours of silence outside – it was the scraping of shovels.  When this happened I actually went into the bathroom and looked out the window to see if they were directly below us – and I was right, they were – but…

When what to my wandering eyes should appear….

…a DEER outside of our window!  (please forgive the horrible pic – it was a matter of swiftness at the cost of a quality photograph) The only word to describe this – my new favorite word – glorious.  It was right there.  Staring at me when I first saw it.  I swear it was not a lawn ornament.

Anyway –  we also did a little crafting …

…but you will have to wait until after Christmas to see the final product (wink wink). We have quite a lot planned the next few days for the holiday so this will likely be my last post until after Christmas.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!   Stay tuned for what just might be photo-overload…  =)


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One response to “My little elfie

  1. Kay

    Has anyone else noticed the talent at 5 months? We all know about the famous Praying Hands, but here we have a 5-month old who does “praying feet”!!!

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