Post-Holiday Recap Christmas Eve

Each year, the Christmas festivities start out at my grandparent’s house.  On Christmas Eve we all go to church together and then caravan over to my grandparent’s for dinner, cookies, and presents.  It is probably my favorite part of Christmas because it brings back so many childhood memories for me.  I remember being little and driving home from Grandma’s & Grandpa’s on Christmas Eve with my dad telling me to “Look out the window!  You might see santa and his reindeer!”  I am so happy that peanut can take part in the traditions of Christmas Eve (dressing up, cookies before dinner, handing out gifts, finding the pickle ornament on the tree…) Yes, you read that right.  There is a pickle ornament.  The kids have a contest to see who can find it on the tree first.  Yes, my grandparents are the coolest on the planet.

Peanut was quite photogenic earlier in the night!  (notice the red glow illuminating us –  it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the ginormous multi-colored bulbs on my grandparent’s tree!)  We took a family photo…

and peanut was so happy to have her Grandpa B. (my Dad) to play with…

and she couldn’t resist posing with Grandma Great & Grandpa Great…

It wasn’t long before Peanut fell asleep.  She missed most of the merry-making, but I did snap some photos so that she could check out what she missed later…

Some holiday cheer

Family pic (sans Peanut, little cousin, & Aunt Kayla)

Merry Christmas!!!

And after most of the family had left – peanut made an appearance for some extra Grandma-Great cuddles before we hit the road…

Surrounded by family & laughter – what a wonderful start to Peanut’s first Christmas!



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2 responses to “Post-Holiday Recap Christmas Eve

  1. Auntie Kayla

    i am seriously loving the family pic of funny faces =) has that ever been done before?? XD

    • I think it was a first – next year will we definitely do it again and make sure you are in it and our littlest cousin and grandpa’s heads aren’t cut off!!

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