Doesn’t it feel like we spend our whole childhood wanting to be adults and then we spend our whole adulthood missing our childhood?  I guess that is the way of the world.  If there is something that stands out when I think of my childhood it is spending time with my cousins.  Like the cutie cousins in my previous post, me and my cousins were close in age and we spent a lot of time together growing up.  My older cousin (we called her “Bean”),  was someone I always looked up to.  She is two years my senior and she was like the older sister that I never had.  We had many silly times together.  This is Bean circa about 1989/90…

Bean & Me

And this is Bean now…

Trust me, her personality is as beautiful as she is.  I am still looking up to her, even now.  She got married in the Florida Keys in November to a great man and they had a reception back home last night at the Trenton War Memorial (I have to say – how brilliant that she was able to wear her dress twice!).  Hubby and I had a great night out while Peanut terrorized our friends Brad & Rachael.  (ok – so they say she didn’t terrorize them, but the play by play of her fussiness did not sound fun!).  Anyway, for a few hours hubby and I were able to enjoy ourselves like normal adults.  We ate when we felt like it, we ate together, we talked to family without being constantly interrupted…the list goes on.

As is the case with every wedding, hubby and I enjoyed watching all of the special moments.  The first dance…

And the father daughter dance…

More cutie cousins – doing what they do best – being cute…

Hubby took this pic and the one below

Hubby even got some of me dancing.  You can see that I do alright dancing with others…

But when left to my own devices….

what – am – I – doing?  One of those I-thought-it-was-cool-at-the-time-but-now-that-I-look-at-the-camera-I-realize-wow-I’m-more-corny-than-I-thought moments

Bean, however, looked totally cool and non-corny

Bean’s hubby on stage

My other cousin in the green dress (Bean’s sister)

What a great night!!  Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Bean!



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2 responses to “Bean

  1. Bean

    This is beautiful! Thank you. It made me tear I love you so much and you truly are such an amazing woman, mommy, cousin and friend. I am so happy how our friendship has grown from little lamb library to silly teenage stuff to adulthood. I love and appreciate our relationship tremendously. Thank you for writing this. It means the world to me.
    Love you,

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