Cutie Cousins

The day after Christmas we took a trip to PA to visit hubby’s cousins & their families.  Peanut had a lot of fun watching her two toddling cousins…

What cuties!

By the looks of this – it seems that next year peanut will be more interested in the boxes than the actual gift – I suppose this is a step up from her current wrapping paper obsession:

The funny thing is that these cute cousins were drumming on a box that held an actual toy drum!

I quickly got a taste of what it is going to be like to try and photograph a toddler – and trust me, it isn’t easy!

For these photos I literally had to get onto the floor and chase them around.  It was worth it though. =)

We had such a great time with the family that day.  It was nice to let Peanut be doted on while I spent some time photographing her cousins for a change.  I would have loved to get a photo of the three of them but I think that would have called for a small miracle!  Maybe next time…..


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