Mystery craft reveal


Handprint ornaments made by yours truly.  I first came up with the idea when I saw an ornament kit like this one in a catalog.  I did some research and quickly realized that if I could figure out a way to make them myself, they would be cheaper and thus I could make more of them.  (I wanted to make about 30).  Using Model Magic turned out to be a brilliant idea – since it is air dry clay it is very light and therefore the ornaments will stay on the tree without slipping off.  Peanut cooperated (most times) and everyone seemed to really like them!

How to make a Holiday Handprint Ornament

Supplies needed:

Model Magic (I bought a tub of it and still have a lot left over)

Wax paper

Rolling pin

Circle-shaped Cookie cutter – you can use other shapes as well, just make sure the cookie cutter is large enough to fit your child’s hand in it

Ball point pen

Paint – any color will work, I used cheap-o gold glitter paint



Bells – choose any size or color bell according to your preference

Paint pen – I used two – I did some in gold metallic and some in brown

Child’s hand

1.  With the rolling pin, flatten a ball of model magic onto the wax paper, making sure that you are not rolling them too thin.  I made sure I had at least 1/4 inch of thickness.

2.  Take the cookie cutter and cut circles into the clay.  Put added pressure on the cookie cutter when doing this, as the clay can be a bit sticky to work with.  I noticed that it helped to pull the outer clay (on the outside of the cookie cutter) away with my hands before lifting the cookie cutter up.

3.  Get your child’s hand and make sure it’s clean (no little fuzz, etc) and make sure the fingers are fanned out a bit and press them into the clay.  Try to put pressure on all of the child’s fingers and palm before lifting the hand off of the clay.

4.  Use the end of a ballpoint pen (or wax candle, or similar object) to poke a hole in the clay.

5.  Let ornament dry for at least 24 hours.

6.  Cut ribbon in 5-7 inch lengths and loop through the hole in the ornament.

7.  Take a bell and thread one end of the ribbon through it.  Tie a knot to close the loop.

8.  Paint the hand with the color of your choice.  I took care to make sure not to have lines that were too clean – I wanted my hands to remain looking natural.

9.  Let paint dry for a few hours, in my case I waited a whole day.

10. Take paint pen and write child’s name & year on the back of the ornament

More handprint pics:

Hubby and I also did a foot ornament just for ourselves:

And to cap off my last holiday post of the season (promise) – some of our favorite tree trimmings:

Hubby gave me this ornament on our first Christmas dating (2001) – don’t we look so cool??

My mom made these for each person at my baby shower


Hubby’s mom made us a bunch of ornaments one year – this one and the one that is a little house with our last name on it are my favorites!

We collect ornaments from wherever we travel and this is one of my favorites.  From South Africa.

Thanks for looking! =)



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3 responses to “Mystery craft reveal

  1. Amy

    what a great idea! those ornaments are so cute!

  2. Kate Brown

    This was my favorite Christmas gift! Very thoughtful and creative!

  3. I love the handprint ornaments. I have made the model magic ones twice and LOVE the look of the glitter on yours!

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