Peanut’s Library – Global Babies

After writing the Nursery Rhyme book post – I got thinking – wouldn’t it be cool if I shared some of our most loved books?  Welcome to Peanut’s Library.  Today we are showcasing this book:

Global Babies, by the Global Fund for Children

Why I like the book: I love the beautiful images of the babies (from 16 countries!).  I like that I am already introducing Peanut to cultures from all around the globe.  Part of the proceeds from the book’s sales go to the Global Fund for Children – which is also a nice plus.

Why Peanut likes the book: It’s a board book – safe for her exploring hands.  She loves looking at the pictures – she smiles at the babies faces!  They are looking straight at the camera and the photos are brightly colored which grabs Peanut’s attention.

The text in the book is very limited, but the message is very sweet.  I think this is Peanut’s favorite book so far – the first book that I feel like she is really looking at the pictures and connecting with them (this makes me very very happy!).


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