Becca’s Birthday……..A post from Hubby

Birthdays are supposed to be special and I wanted to make sure Becca felt that way on hers this year!  Becca loves to be around family and friends so I decided to call a few of her favorite people to help make the celebration great!  We started with lunch at Bia, a cute restaurant in Ocean Grove, NJ with the Jayman and Jenna.  Peanut sat in the high chair for the first time and did surprisingly well!  The food was excellent and we all left very stuffed.

After Jay and Jenna left, Becca’s Dad and Kayla came up for dinner.  I made beef brisket, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.  I think it came out pretty good considering I never made brisket before.  Becca’s Dad and Kayla brought the flowers which added a nice touch to the table and Becca loved them!

Ready to eat…..

The cake!!   From yet another great place in Ocean Grove, NJ……..The Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe

The Birthday Girl!!!

Man!!! I’m glad she didn’t catch on fire!!

Hope she doesn’t kill me for posting this one!!

A little after dinner fun!!

And yes……I made a MESS…….and yes…….I did clean it up!!

It was a great day and I think Becca enjoyed herself.  She still had two days until her birthday so I kept the celebration going by making dinner the following night.  We had flounder with heirloom tomatos, balsamic glazed potatoes, and salad (gruyere and feta cheese, dried cranberries, croutons, and white balsamic vinegarette).  Yummy!

We polished off the birthday celebrations by getting a babysitter on her actual birthday and went out to a nice dinner just the two of us!!!  Sometimes the camera just needs to stay home!!!

Becca you are special everyday to me……..I hope I made this Birthday a great one!!



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3 responses to “Becca’s Birthday……..A post from Hubby

  1. Of course you did! My birthday was absolutely perfect. Thank you for posting these sweetie! I love you so much.

  2. Michael Kelly

    Awww looks like FUN! Omg becca is that your sister? She looks so much older now!

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