Week in Rewind

Amazingly, I am still on track with my 360 Project (you can read about the project here).  I managed to take a photo each day this week and I had a lot of fun.  One of my goals moving forward with this project is to try and get a little more creative with my photos.  It has been a little difficult since we are pretty much stuck indoors but I am looking into rigging a back-drop set-up which will allow me to use props, etc with Peanut (more on this later).  Valentines Day photo shoot, anyone?  But for now – here is my week in rewind…

Peanut today before we went out

Yesterday – Peanut using books for what they’re meant for – eating (sorry for the blur)

Wednesday – welcome to Peanut’s feet-playing hour

Another Wednesday shot

Two for Tuesday

Monday – Peanut’s keys

Some new and exciting things are coming up.  I am planning on returning to work in September so to gear up for that I applied for a job.  Said job gave me an interview.  My first interview as a school psychologist!!  Eek I was really scared but I think it went really well.  I am glad my first experience was a positive one – I am also happy that the only job I applied for gave me an interview.  Definitely encouraging.  And refreshing.

It was refreshing in two ways.  I got to feel like a professional again for a day.  Awesome.  I actually put make-up on and had conversations about things other than poopy diapers.  Oh – and the prospect of actually collecting a PAYCHECK is definitely enticing.  But then I drove home and reality set in.  Becca’s Brain:  “What if they offer me the job?…  Oh.my.God!  What if they offer me the job?!  [Insert horrifying images of dropping off Peanut at daycare].  I would miss her too much.  Who would sing to her?  Will she even recognize me anymore?  Know that I’m her mommy?  Oh.my.God.  She isn’t even crawling yet!  I will miss her first crawl!  Her first word!  Nooooooooo!!!” So in a sense, (my what is likely an overreaction – ok fine – it IS an overreaction), reality kicked me in the butt.  I actually do love this stay at home thing.  The thought of it being taken away gave me a new perspective that I had thought about before but never really felt it until then.  I realized that I already have a job that has it’s own rewards – the intangible kind – and I was completely refreshed.



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4 responses to “Week in Rewind

  1. GREAT photos!
    GREAT post!
    Would love to chat more about all of this and catch up 🙂

  2. Meredith

    I know what you are talking about!!! This is really a great blog – especially b/c I can relate in so many ways! 🙂

  3. Kate L

    Noo you are not overreacting!! I don’t have a baby.. yet lol but I feel exactly the same way. You have the hardest and most rewarding job of all right now..and you are an awesome mommy! I ❤ your blog and pictures of Peanut..so adorable!

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