360 Week-end (#2)

Friday (Day 12/360) … it’s amazing the hours of entertainment feet can provide.


Today – Red Velvet cupcake from the Ocean Grove Bakeshoppe…yumm.

Today was great.  Peanut and Hubby and I went to the Starving Artist in Ocean Grove  for breakfast.  I.heart.banana.walnut.pancakes.  If you live in the area, the Starving Artist is a must.  Their breakfasts are tasty, fairly priced, and they have a great quaint atmosphere.  Every time we go to OG Hubby has to stop at the bakery for his red velvet cupcake fix.  I am sure this is not the last time you will be hearing about them from me on here…last summer they were a once-a-week-end standby.

After we grabbed our cupcakes we headed to Wegman’s to do our weekly grocery shopping.  For whatever reason it was extra-insane (the long week-end maybe?).  I was in the middle of telling Hubby how some dude glared at me in the aisle because Peanut’s stroller was in the way when Hubby looks behind me goes “ummmmmmm…..” really loud.  I turned to look at what he was looking at – and lo and behold – it was a really tall dude in a full Sully costume from Monster’s Inc.

Like mascot-quality costume.  Walking down the grocery store aisle waving at the kiddies walking by.  Highlight.of.my.day.  The second, highlight?  Watching a marathon of How I Met Your Mother – a show my dear friend Rachael got us addicted to – er, into watching.  Sometimes low key days – when shared with two of your favorite people – are the best.  Hope everyone enjoyed the week-end!!



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6 responses to “360 Week-end (#2)

  1. Auntie Kayla

    OH MY GOSH I WISH I WAS YOU! red velvet cupcakes from ocean grove? the starving artist? (i love love those banana walnut pancakes as well) AND SULLY???? I love him! that would b the best day EVER!! im so jealous…

  2. Is that first picture Little Miss Junebug in her little Junebug outfit? YAY!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend – HIMYM marathon, cupcakes and Sulley. Wow. You are a lucky lady 🙂

  3. Sara

    ok it’s settled we are making red velvet cupcakes in OBX. I would stare at my feet all day too if they were as cute as hers.

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