Flashback Friday

Ok.  It has become apparent that I am definitely better at grouping my 360 Project photos together vs. posting them each day.  Thus, I am dubbing Fridays “Flashback Friday” – the day where I post my 360 Photos from the week.  I still may post week-end photos on Sunday but we’ll just have to see how it works out.  Yes, I realize we are only flashing back to – let’s say – Monday, but the alliteration sounded cool so I went with it.  If you have a better suggestion for a name, leave me a comment.  But for now – I’m sticking with it – so here goes…

Welcome to Flashback Friday!

Day 15/360…Peanut seems to be saying “Why all these pictures Mommy, why??”

Day 16/360…Peanut is hiding from me

Day 17/360…there’s that happy girl!! (wishing I could have got the eyes in focus, still working on that…)

Same day – I just backed up so you could see what she’s so happy about – she is munching on a toy, of course.

My day 18 picture hasn’t been taken yet.  I am off to work on my dissertation (my mother-in-law has graciously offered to mind Peanut) so hopefully my next post will be all about the mega-progress I’ve made on what I call “The Big D” [crossing fingers]…

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