Week-end Recap

Although I didn’t make mega-progress on my dissertation on Friday – I did make some progress – which I suppose is better than nothing.  When I came back from my dissertation day out I snapped this shot of Peanut while we were playing on the sofa…

On Saturday we had a photo shoot and Peanut was loving every minute…

…and in the evening Hubby and I made some more homemade baby food.  We made “Swaccoli” – a combination of sweet potatoes and broccoli…

We also made plain sweet potato and a batch of mango (YUM)…

The finished product, in the ice cube trays, ready for Peanut’s first taste!

Today Peanut had a lot of fun playing on her blankie that her Great-Nana made her…

…and at the very end of the day – Peanut accomplished one of her life-long goals…she figured out how to eat her feet!!

(If only she could learn to enjoy her solids just as much)

And last but not least – in case you were wondering…

yes, she really is this cute.



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2 responses to “Week-end Recap

  1. Kym Stokes

    I love the pictures. She’s so beautiful!

  2. the last picture is stunning.

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