The Hangover was so not worth $53.50

*Disclaimer* – only continue reading if you are willing to never, ever talk about this again.  Ever.  You’re ok with that?  Ok.  Keep reading…

First things first – let me be clear that I am not referring to the sickly bodily repercussions often endured after a night of libation – I am in fact referring to the movie, The Hangover.

Secondly – the movie is so not worth $53.50.  Or the panic attack I almost had.

Confused?  Here’s what happened.  Netflix has had The Hangover listed as “very long wait” on our queue for about a month now, so the other night Hubby ran to Blockbuster to get it so we could finally watch it.  It was funny – a little overrated in my opinion, the parts with the baby kind of ruined it for me (and Hubby), but I digress.  So today I decide to return the movie.  I’m thinking to myself – “Wow, if I can return this today that would be a huge accomplishment.  No late fees and I’m going to be out anyway.  Hubby will be happy I did it so he doesn’t have to worry about it.”

Peanut and I ran some errands at the post office and babies r’ us – and then once we were finished I decide to swing by Blockbuster to drop the movie off.  I pull up in the “no parking zone” and put my blinkers on.  I know what you are thinking – I got a ticket – but that’s not what happened.  I get out of the car (which I left running since it was freezing outside), slip the movie into the drop box, and go back to the car to head home.  Only I can’t open the door.  Or the passenger’s side door.  Or the back door.  I can’t open any of the 5 freakin’ doors.

My heart sinks.

I peek in at Peanut.  She is smiling at me – oblivious to what is happening.  I open the door to Blockbuster and plead with the guy behind the counter to come and help me open the door.  The driver’s side door wasn’t completely shut – it was slightly open – but even with his efforts it wouldn’t budge.  I call 411 to get the number for the police.  I call the police.  The dispatcher tells me she thinks I sound calm.  My brain:  I am sooo not calm right now – either I am very good at the-deception-of-calm or this woman is seriously off her rocker. It’s almost funny that she said that.  Almost.

To finish up the story – a tow truck dude came within 10 minutes (Peanut still smiley and oblivious, thank goodness), took out the hanger-thingy, unlocked the door, told me “this happens all the time”, and then charged me $53.50.

In all seriousness, I would have paid anything to get Peanut out of the car.  Turns out AAA will likely reimburse us the money – so no worries there.  I just can’t believe I did this.  I am still not sure how it happened.  The jeep doesn’t lock on it’s own (like our other car) so I must have hit the lock button down by accident when I was getting out of the car.  Needless to say, I will not be leaving Peanut unattended in a car – even for a second – for a long, long time.  I will also be racking up late fees with Blockbuster since it is going to be a while before I show my face there again…

Someday, I am sure I will be laughing about all of this – which is why I chose to post it – but until then…please enjoy laughing by yourself.  And remember – we’re not talking about it.



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4 responses to “The Hangover was so not worth $53.50

  1. ewa

    mommy brain… I did that once in my driveway… I left my keys on the front seat as I pressed the lock button on the door and without thinking slammed the door with both kids inside… even though it happened in a fraction of the second, it seemed slow motion and me yelling n o o o o o o was very Matrix like! I ran to my neighbor’s house to ask him to watch the kids through the window and make silly faces as I break into my house to retrieve my spare key. He brought me his ladder and I totally busted my window and my back trying to get in… It was such a relief to get them out though.

  2. Kelly

    Oh Becca! My mom did that to me when I was about two years old. It is a crazy thing when you just have to STEP out of the car. To undo the car seat, shimmy the arms out just to run up to a mailbox seems to be much, but honestly, it has happened to so many moms I know, it is almost like a rite of passage. You’re better than me. I probably would have freaked and tried to go Jackie Chan on one of the windows to get in, probably would have broke my leg (because I am NOT Jackie Chan), and THEN would have said “Oh, I can just call the cops.”

    I feel like this is a very easy mistake to make – especially for people like me who obsessively lock their car doors.

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