Week-end Recap

The snow came quickly and – wow – Saturday was a blizzard of a day!  We could hardly see out of our windows with the wind whipping the snow around.  A perfect opportunity to stay indoors and enjoy some family time.  We had a little photo shoot and I have to say it was really nice to get to be in some photos for a change!

And then today Hubby took some more pics of Peanut while I got to sleep in (those two words never sounded so good)

Isn’t he taking some great shots?  I love his perspective and I also love that he is interested in learning about photography right along with me.

Hubby made a delish crockpot gumbo and we also made a bunch of baby foods.  A new one that we made today was Apple-Blueberry – looks tasty, don’t you think?…

This week is going to be a busy week I have a feeling.  Stay tuned for some fun photos and the reveal of our Valentine’s Day craft. Enjoy your week!


Filed under Home-Made Baby Food, Project 360

2 responses to “Week-end Recap

  1. love the lady bug outfit 🙂

  2. emilee

    I love the outfits. And about the baby food it looks delicious, Mmmmm

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