Peanut’s Toybox – Sassy Illumination Station

So Hubby and I have pretty much vowed not to buy Peanut toys.  Which hardly explains why  the other day – pre-major snowstorm – I broke down and bought her this toy.

You see, Peanut has entered the I-throw-anything-and-everything-onto-the-ground-if-I-am-in-an-elevated-position stage.  We have tried planting 3,4, sometimes even 5 toys onto her highchair tray in an effort to buy ourselves some time so that we can eat our dinner without doing what amounts to a mini-work-out.

So I saw this toy the other day – the Sassy Illumination Station.  We were at Babies R Us, Peanut was fast asleep in her stroller, and I wandered down the toy aisle.  I double-taked, maybe even triple-taked, and thought to myself “Does this toy have a suction cup on the bottom???!  Ohhh yeah.  I am so buying this!”  A little “heh.heh.heh. I’d like to see her throw this!…” may have crossed my mind as well.

Fast forward to highchair time.  I am in the kitchen getting a few things ready and I plant Peanut in her chair with her new shnazzy toy suctioned to the tray.  I sneakily peek out of the corner of my eye to see what I anticipate to be a “Voila!” moment…

and she is playing with her seat buckle.

Not a single glance at the toy.  Didn’t even care.  I came over to spin it around for her and show her how it works.  Not interested.  Let this be a lesson to you – never purchase a toy while your child is asleep.  That said, I think Peanut is coming around to the toy now.  She is showing more interest in it.  I think.  I hope.  I am convincing myself.


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