Flashback Friday

Well that was the fastest week in the history of the world.  Probably had something to do with Hubby having 5 glorious days off in a row.  Flashback with me, will ya?

Saturday – Peanut’s first flower from her Daddy.

Sunday – Valentine’s Day – umm somehow at age 13 I don’t remember my candy hearts saying this – although they did say things like “my pad” – which I found hilarious (I was 13, people!).

Monday – Peanut is chillin on Hubby

Tuesday – Aunt Kayla’s concert (Peanut’s first orchestra concert!)…Aren’t I an awesome photographer?  I am pretty sure you can’t even see Aunt Kayla in this pic.

Wednesday – Party in Peanut’s crib

Thursday – I can’t get enough of her smiles…

…and later on that night it was hat day!

And today – Peanut is rockin’ her awesome little vest…

Another happy week-end to you!  Stay tuned to meet our friend Jayman and see how we decided to celebrate his 27th birthday…


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One response to “Flashback Friday

  1. i LOVE the hat picture!!! SO CUTE!
    love you,

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