On being a photo mama

If you haven’t noticed – I like to take photos.  Mainly – I like to take photos of Peanut.  But even before Peanut came along I took a lot of photos.  On hubby’s side of the family I became “the picture person” long before Peanut was in the picture (like the pun?).  It wasn’t until Peanut was born though that I started getting more serious about my photos.

In November we purchased our first DSLR camera, the Canon Xsi.  I did a TON of research and knew that this was the camera I really wanted.  My little point and shoot was great for slipping in my pocket in a hurry but I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted.  I wanted to be able to control my camera more, experiment with different settings, my pictures to be taken fast, and I wanted to get better photos in low light.  Thus began my photography journey.  Only a few short months later and I am already knee deep into the jargon, message boards, editing programs, and books – all helping me do one thing – take better photos.  I am by no means great (or even good) at it.  If there’s one thing learning about photography teaches you – it’s how to be humble.  I have such a long way to go and at times I get completely frustrated (will I ever get good skin tones?) but at the same time the journey is the fun part.  I can already look back at some of my photos from November (which I thought were the BOMB) and see where I went wrong.

Ok – so let me get to the point of the post – I often get a lot of questions about my photography.  Friends and family who have seen my blog are curious about how I get some of the photos that I take.  That led me to start thinking that if they have questions – what about my other readers (I know you’re out there!)?  I am going to start answering some of these questions in the coming weeks – keeping in mind – I am not a photographer.  I am a mom with a camera.  Or photo mama as I am going to call it.  Period.  Everything I share with you I have just recently learned myself – I am just going to share some of the knowledge here to save you a lot of the online searching.

Next photo mama post will focus on composition.  Join me on this journey, will you?



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6 responses to “On being a photo mama

  1. Jess

    Thanks Becca! I’m excited to read your posts so I can learn a few things!!

  2. I will definitely be following you, photomama! Your photos are always lovely. I love photography, but I just have a point and shoot at this point. I’ve been reading some articles on how to get better photos, but I have a long way to go.

  3. Kate

    Great post! I love this photo of you too <3!

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