Flashback Friday

Saturday – Peanut had fun with her Uncle Jayman…

Sunday – pre-baby food apple prune yumminess…

Monday – hands…

…and feet!

Tuesday – meet LeeLee! (Peanut’s Christmas gift from Mommy & Daddy)…

Wednesday – this was so an oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-to-take-a-picture-today moment…

Thursday – Mommy wants to take more pictures – we’re snowed in again – why not?

My Friday pics are not uploaded yet so they may have to wait until next week!  This week-end I am hibernating to catch up on some school stuff so Hubby just might be on photo-duty.  Have a great week-end!



Filed under Home-Made Baby Food, Peanut's Toybox, Project 360

4 responses to “Flashback Friday

  1. LeeLee is so cute! Where did you find her?

  2. Sara

    uh oh apple-prune? I bet she had some surprises for you later heehee. she’s too cute

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