Photo mama post – Filling the frame

Ok I’m putting my photo mama hat on now.  For the first part of the photo mama series I am going to focus on composition.  I think composition is one of the areas that – when worked on – will have the most dramatic effect on your photography.  If you are accustomed to quickly pulling out your camera and snapping a picture with your subject dead center – well then this is the post for you.

Let’s talk about filling the frame.

It’s just what it sounds like.  It’s filling the frame of your image with your subject.  Backgrounds can be distracting.  You can see what I mean in the following example:

If in this photo I wanted to highlight the clutter of Peanut’s toys and the beautiful diaper box in the background then I was successful.  Don’t get me wrong, I think the photo is cute (admittedly I think all photos of Peanut are cute) but it really isn’t drawing me in too much.

Let’s move in a little closer…

Sweet – that eliminated some of the distracting stuff in the foreground – but I can still spot that diaper box.  Time to move in even closer…

And closer…

Ah, perfecto.  To me at least.  This photo successfully isolates Peanut from her background and when I look at this photo my eyes linger just a little longer.

Once you know about filling the frame you will recognize it in many images that you see.  If you scroll down in my blog you will see that I use it.  A lot.

One thing I try and think about when composing images is if the background is helping tell the story of the photo and/or is visually interesting.  If the answer is no to both of these I fill the frame with my subject.  Simple as that.  Another thing – you don’t need a fancy camera or anything to get close to your subject.  Give it a try!  Once you start practicing it with your photos, it will soon become natural.  I have a rule of thumb for myself – just when I think I am close enough – I get one step closer.  I am usually pretty pleased with the results.



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2 responses to “Photo mama post – Filling the frame

  1. Great examples of fill the frame! I do it a LOT, as well and realized I was actually cutting out ‘part of the story’, so now I’m working on zooming out a bit. Tough when my tendency is to fill the frame.

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