Introducing O’McPeanut

Well hello there, little leprachaun.  She quite resembles Peanut, don’t you think?  If it wasn’t for that fiery red hair…

The headband was $1.99 from the Christmas Tree Shoppe.  At Michaels I spent a few dollars on some foam shamrocks, shamrock stickers, and an adhesive magnet roll and…

Voila!  An O’McPeanut magnet!  This one is on our fridge and I made a special one for Hubby to take to work.  They seriously took no time to make once the photos were printed and all I did was use a regular ball point pen to write on them.  I love the finished product but a few tweaks could make it look even cuter (nicer pen/stickers for lettering, making a border for the photo)…fun fun!

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