Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?  Let’s see – Peanut had her first serious cold (glad that’s over), I have been scouting out jobs like it’s – well – it’s my job, and Hubby had a few too many nights where he didn’t get home until midnight.

But don’t let that fool you.  I have been doing plenty of picture taking and enjoying the spring weather with Peanut.  You want to know where I have been?  Let me show you…

We broke out the BOB!!  I love love loveeee our BOB Revolution Stroller.  It is like pushing air.  Seriously.  And Peanut loves it too.  This is a pic from one of our strolls around Spring Lake.

And a close-up – can’t you see me in her eyes?  No, seriously – can’t you?

Peanut came out for a little play time before we walked home.

Another day at Spring Lake – Hubby’s hair doesn’t give away how windy the day was…

…but mine does!

Peanut at the park down the street…what a life!

… and this is – quite possibly – my favorite picture of her…ever….

and another one…

We went to Grounds for Sculpture with my Mom and met this friendly couple…

We were pleased to see that they also had dinner waiting for us…

And lastly, Peanut continues to love her beets!

Signing off now…we are taking our first sight-seeing trip with Peanut…to Washington, DC!  We have friends who live there and friends who will be joining us – we can’t wait to see all of them!  Hoping to see some cherry blossoms too…=)


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