Capitol Hillarious

What.a.week-end!  We had so much fun on our trip to DC.  To quote my dear friend Rachael (or Roachael, whichever you prefer), it was “Capital Hillarious.”  This little trip just confirmed what I already knew – we have the best friends ever.  Ever.  We have so much fun together.  The whole week-end from start to finish was full of laughing, laughing, and more laughing.  I am so grateful to have them in my life.  Here are some pictures from our trip:

Steve, Hubby, Brad, and Chris

Rachael, Peanut, Me, and Robin

Here’s the thing about us.  We have known each other since middle school.  Steve, Rachael, and I all were in “Green Hall” in Demasi Middle School and Hubby, Brad, and Chris were all together in Marlton Middle.  Poor Robin is marrying into our madness – but honestly I think we forget she didn’t grow up in Marlton because she knows all of our stories….probably more than she would like…

Robin & Steve

Up to our usual antics (making fun of Steve)…

Rachael was such a “doll” for taking pics for this pledging class


Rachael & Brad

Rachael & Peanut

Peanut’s first time in the pool!!!  (she loved it)

And on the way home we met Chris’s dog, Chance!

And once we got home…Peanut had a newfound interest in her toys…

Hubby took the week off so we are really looking forward to more quality family time together.  Good-bye for now!


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2 responses to “Capitol Hillarious

  1. Best post ever of the best weekend ever 🙂
    You guys took some amazing shots!

  2. Sara

    I see she wore her little shoes Aunt Sara and Uncle Richie gave her, sooooo cute 🙂

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