Belgian Bonanza

Ok.  It’s pretty clear that Hubby and I have fallen behind in our promise to share our buddy Jay’s birthday party.

It all started with the mention that Jay would like a Belgian beer glass.  Hubby did a little research and found a Belgian monk brewery  that only sells one bottle of beer at a time to visitors.  This beer also is continuously rated one of the best beers in the world.  Hubby bought a bottle off of the Belgian “grey market” of beer.  We had it shipped to us along with a beer glass for the Jayman.  From there, we decided to have a full-out Belgian birthday party bonanza.  We found a bunch of unique Belgian beers, researched Belgian foods, and put together a party for our one-and-only Jayman.

Another thing – last year my mom bought us the DVD set of episodes from the show Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey.  The show is all about different drinking customs around the world.  I have to say – I found that it is actually very educational and it helps that Zane is hilarious (otherwise – how could have I watched the whole season of a drinking show while pregnant?).  Once we were finished with the DVDs, we shared them with the Jayman who then became a fan himself.  The very first episode we saw was in Belgium.  One of the must-have food items that Zane featured was mussels and frites (fries).  Hubby had to make them…

and they were delicious!

Peanut enjoyed her crab while we moved on to our second course (Belgian endive salad with apples & almonds)…

and Jenna helped prepare the lobser for the Waterzooi soup!  (you can find the recipe, and information about the history of the dish here)

I made “patriotic cupcakes” (I only made the flag, not the cupcakes) accompanied with Belgian chocolates…

It was a great night!!  Great food, Great drink, and Great friends.


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  1. Jay

    A night that will live in infamy. Thanks again for being such wonderful, beer-providing friends. It seems redundant to say nowadays, but those photos came out really nice too. I’ll have to learn the trick of photographing Jenna when she’s not looking, which avoids the whole “why are you taking another picture of me” look.

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