Easter recap

Usually, Jersey Easters are cold and rainy – but not this year.  This year the weather was gorgeous.  A perfect first Easter for little Peanut!  In the morning we gave her her very own Easter basket…

I had so much fun during the month leading up to Easter finding little non-candy items for her basket.  Hubby and I decided to start a collection for Peanut of wooden eggs from the National Park Foundation.  These are the same eggs that are given out at the White House Easter egg roll each year.  All of the proceeds go toward the services and events offered by the National Park, which makes them even cooler.

We also gave her a little fruit rattle set from blabla kids (same makers of her dear Lee Lee) that she already loves.  I justified the purchase 1) because little rattles keep Peanut amused for a decent amount of time (and by decent, I mean more than three seconds) and 2) they can be used as play fruit later on once she is into imaginative play.  That makes me feel better (kind of).  Haha.

Other than that – all items in the basket were under $1 a piece.  Gotta love the Target dollar spot.  They had adorable Peter Cottontail board books and other board books!  I went to the Christmas Tree Shoppe and found a wind up egg for 70 cents.  Me and Hubby Peanut has had a lot of fun with that.  She also got socks.  What?  Can’t a mom buy her baby socks for Easter? Anyway, you can see I was very excited about her Easter basket and it’s contents – and let me tell you – Peanut’s reaction did not disappoint.  She is in the “take everything out of it’s container” phase so she made sure to go through each of the items in her basket.

After Peanut explored her basket (and made me a happy mommy) we all got dressed up to go to church.  After church it was off to my Grandparent’s for the annual Easter egg hunt!  This is where the day got really funny.  I just assumed that Peanut would not be participating in the hunt (she can’t walk, after all) – but Hubby had a different idea.  I hate to say this – but I think he used her as his excuse to participate.  There, I said it.  I hope he doesn’t kill me when he reads this.

If you know Hubby, you know his sweet tooth is gigantic.  Seriously.  Remind me next year to make him his own Easter basket.

Our cousins and Aunt Kayla hunting for eggs

Having fun!

All the grandkids and great-grandkid – yes, there are only girls on my dad’s side!

Some more pics from my grandparent’s…

Grandpa B. & Aunt Kayla!


After brunch we headed to my Mom’s for a delicious Easter dinner and some quality time with family…

two more of my awesome cousins

Nanny & Grandpa. S!

Such a beautiful day and I am so happy that we were surrounded by our family!



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2 responses to “Easter recap

  1. Awesome pictures! It was a beautiful day and looked like you had an amazing time!

  2. Becca, I can see your progression of skills in your photos – all of these are so beautiful!! Some of them look like ads 🙂

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