Friends, and Strawberries, and Secrets – oh my!

This past week-end was absolutely gorgeous!  Some may think it was a little hot in the low 90’s – but I have to say I love when the weather just screams BEACH.  That said – we didn’t actually make it to the beach – but that’s ok.  When you live 2 miles from the ocean you don’t worry about missing a beach day or two.

We had a busy day on Saturday.  Our friend Kelli was up from Florida visiting her family in PA so we made a trip out to see her…

Peanut had a good time exploring Kelli’s parent’s kitchen…

After we spent the morning with Kelli we headed over to Peddler’s Village for their annual Strawberry Festival.  We enjoyed eating some strawberry sweets, listening to live music, and playing with Peanut on the grass…

Strawberry season here doesn’t begin until the end of May/early June….and trust me – we know strawberry season.  Hubby usually requests a strawberry-rhubarb pie every day (ok – so maybe not every day – more like every week)…we pick our own local berries and make jams with them too.  I am sure there will be a jammin’ post in the not-so-distant-future.  Anyway, we finished off our Saturday by celebrating our friend Mike’s 29th Birthday…

“It’s my birthday and I can look serious if I want to.”

We had a great time!  Tech-savvy Mike reminded me that I need to back up my photos (all 10million of them).  I think I have a June resolution.  Do those exist?  Note to self – *Must get Peanut’s first year of photos backed up before she embarks into toddlerhood.*  Should be easy enough.  Probably not.  But whatever.  I digress.

And then on Sunday….

We did something TOP SECRET.



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