You have come to know her as Peanut.  What you may not know is that there is another nickname that our dearest little girl shares.  It all started with my friend Rachael.  I was about 8 months pregnant and we were having one of our long talks, mostly about the baby.  At some point in the conversation Rachael tells me in her sweet way that she “came up with a nickname for her.”  After a little prodding Rachael gladly spilled the beans –  she would call her “Junebug.”   Along came Peanut and when she was only a few days old Auntie Rachael came to visit at the hospital and brought her her own little ladybug to start off her collection.

So when faced with planning the first birthday party – I wanted to plan something that was quintessentially Peanut.  Unfortunately a Peanut-themed party seemed just-a-little-too-daunting to accomplish so I had to come up with another idea.

I present to you Peanut’s ladybug picnic party…

(made by Nanny)

Repurposed baby food jars with a little ribbon, a ladybug, and some jellybeans for the kiddies – meet some of them below…

…and a big kid who I think really enjoyed the party…

It was a great day and I know Peanut had a lot of fun!

Thank you to everyone who made Peanut’s first birthday party extra-special.  We know we have  the best family and friends in the world. =)



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2 responses to “Junebug

  1. This post was almost as wonderful as the party 😉

    And thank you for the lovely shout out it made my day!

  2. what a sweet theme. LOVE the jellybeans in the jars!

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