I’m baaa-ack!

Hello!  Things have been a bit more insane than usual (me starting a new job + day care = adjustment)…and admittedly I haven’t been very proactive in the photo department.  One of my goals in the next month is to be more diligent about updating the blog – after all it is the family’s lifeline to all of Peanut’s photos!  Below are some of the photo highlights from the last month…

One of the few cold & rainy days that we had – Peanut is sporting her first raincoat!

Hubby took this pic and put it in my lunchbox one day.  I know.  Best.Husband.Ever.

Peanut loved her first Phillies game…

…and especially loved her new hat (for her rapidly growing hat collection)

Apple picking!  It was SO MUCH FUN this year to see Peanut running around grabbing all of the apples (mainly the yummy rotten ones laying on the ground) and placing them in her little brown bag.  One of my favorite things to tell people when they are expecting their first child is to enjoy their second childhood – and this apple-picking day was all about that.  Chasing my sweet little girl while she chants “apple!” and flashes her little gap-toothed smile makes everything in the world right.

There’s absolutely no doubt about it – the second childhood is the best.


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