Photo Baby

Check out Photographer Peanut!  I just had to get this shirt once I saw it (plus the 40% off at Gap didn’t hurt).  As you can probably tell, the photo is from a few weeks ago when the weather was actually nice enough to go jacket-free.  I keep asking myself – is it too early to wish for spring?  Winter indoors is going to be challenging with a toddler!



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2 responses to “Photo Baby

  1. Kelly

    I have an idea for ya to make it through the indoor months with a toddler. If you have a remote for your camera, give it to her and see how many cool pics she takes. Miles took a bunch of his own today and he smiled wider than any photographer has ever gotten him to! Once he got used to the the 2 second delay, he knew to keep still and smile. LOL. We did that for at least an hour 🙂 Your little one is such a cutie pie!

  2. Meredith

    LOVE the shirt!!! 🙂 I like that idea Kelly! I think when Blake was around this age (except her b-day is in Dec so it was more around 2 yrs old) we made our own play dough and she liked that a lot… But I will admit that sometimes when winter seems to go on and on, I do miss sunny Florida 🙂

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