Holiday Photo Overload

I hope that everyone had happy merry-making this week-end!  I finally just uploaded my photos – let the holiday recap begin!

Checking out the horsies at Farmer Jack’s tree farm in Pemberton

Peanut opened her first Christmas present on cousin Meaghann’s lap!

Just another wintery-static hair day!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Toddlerhood = awkward family photos!

Peanut (and Aunt Kayla) enhanced her hat collection

and so did Hubby!

Christmas morning – Hubby gave Peanut a bracelet with a tiny ladybug and an engraving of “Junebug”

Peanut made Hubby a stepping stone   =)

Christmas night – Peanut’s cousin found a nice seat in a cardboard box

Peanut playing with cousin J-Bear

Nana admiring the scrapbook that we all made!

Pop-Pop holding Mr. Dimples the day after Christmas

Peanut is checking out the snowfall

Peanut feeding her new baby doll

Rockin’ away!

It’s a winter wonderland!


Hope that your holiday was happy and warm!


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One response to “Holiday Photo Overload

  1. Rachael

    LOVE all of these pictures!

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