January has never been my favorite month.  It’s not even in my top 5.  Don’t get me wrong, there are highlights – like New Years Day and snow days off from school.  My birthday is also in January – although sometimes I really wish it wasn’t.  January 5th is just too anti-climactic after Christmas and New Year’s and don’t get me started about the weather.  Even still, Hubby always manages to make me feel special on my birthday…before my birthday… after my birthday…  I am totally working this whole “birthday month” thing.  haha.

Chocolate ganache cake Hubby surprised me (and our friends) with on New Years Eve.

Peanut and I have been stuck indoors.  We have been dumped on with snow already quite a few times and the weather has just been wicked cold!  I am trying to find ways to keep us busy indoors (besides watching the TV – not my thing).  Please comment with any suggestions!

A watermelon sunhat reminiscent of a summer’s day!

As cute as Peanut is when she is all bundled-up out in the snow there is one big drawback to venturing outside.  She hates playing in it.  She can’t move the way she wants to and her mittens keep her from being able to grab anything.  She becomes quite the frustrated toddler, haha.  One day I decided to get a little adventurous.  We had a snow day so I was (happily) stuck inside with Peanut.  I was checking out one of my favorite blogs (ohdeedoh) with my morning coffee and saw this post about bringing snow inside.  Brilliant!  And so I decided to go for it…

…and it was a success!  We had fun scooping the snow, squishing it between our fingers, and sculpting it.  I should admit here that I was really the one doing the sculpting.  I got a little crazy and broke out the baking sprinkles and made a snowman complete with eyes, a mouth, and a crayon tip nose.  Frosty at his best!

(As you can see – Frosty is sans nose – what can I say?  Wax crayons do not like snow!)  Peanut and I proudly displayed frosty on our doorstep for Hubby to see when he came home from work.  =)

Just last week-end Uncle Jayman had a music night at his place in Mystic Island.  He brought together his talented family and friends to jam bluegrass-style and even invited my Dad and sister to come along!

Aunt Kayla on Jayman’s dock.  (alright – so this particular January day wasn’t too too cold)

The music was fantastic.  If there was a way to warm up a January evening, that was it.


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