Marvelous March

Some highlights from the past month!

Nothing better than the three B’s – babydoll, bottle, and bear

Faux hawk fun!

Peanut’s buddy came to visit!  (and her awesome mama & papa & baby brother) =)

A snapshot from when Uncle Jayman & Aunt Jenna baby-sat little miss Peanut

Since both Peanut and her friend Breezy have Irish daddies – we couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off their Irish heritage…

St. Patrick’s day wouldn’t have been complete without the return of the O’McPeanut hat…

16 candles for my beautiful cousin…

Everyone wrote her a letter and lit a candle

Happy birthday!!

Peanut has been enjoying her Saturday swim lessons with hubby.  She is doing so great!

Still lovebirds after ten years…=)

hehe.  It was a challenge to get Peanut into the picture.  I love it anyway =)

Happy Spring everyone!!



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2 responses to “Marvelous March

  1. Great pictures! I miss you all!

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