The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  ~Elisabeth Foley

This week-end was another beautiful week-end with our best friend Jay.  Once upon a time, Hubby and I would spend every Friday night chatting away with Jay from across a restaurant table.  It was something we came up with once Hubby and Jay moved out of their bachelor pad apartment.  Great food, great wine, and great friends.  We’d leave the restaurant and head to our apartment to watch a movie or just keep chatting.  We would debate where to stop for dessert – something like this – “Should we make two stops?” ” Sounds good to me!”  Jay would pack a bag (which turned into a bigger bag, and then a bigger bag + a box of goodies, and then a bigger bag + two boxes)  and crash on the sofa.  As our lives got busier, and Peanut came along, our Friday night dinners turned into monthly home-cooked dinners, but our friendship always remained the same.

This week-end was the same in so many ways.  Hubby fixed us dinner (with some of the arugula Jay had in one of his boxes), we imbibed (more from Jay’s box), and spent many hours just talking.  Jay stayed over and in the morning Peanut nearly bounced off the walls when she saw him.  We all headed to (a very late) breakfast at our favorite breakfast place in town.

As we got ready to say good-bye this time things were different.  You see, our best friend Jay is starting to fill his boxes in a different way now that he is going to be working in Maine.  What was initially a three-month appointment has already turned into a six-month appointment, with a chance of turning into something more permanent.  We find ourselves feeling incredibly proud, incredibly happy, but just a little sad.  We are going to really miss him, and our chats, and great food, and great wine, (and his boxes).  Not a week will go by when we won’t be thinking of him and what he’s doing.  We are already brainstorming ways to get up and visit him and he hasn’t even left yet.  We know that it won’t be long until we are all adjusted to our long-distance friendship.

Until then, every once in a while a Saturday morning will feel just a little bit lonelier.


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  1. J

    Those are some ridiculously beautiful, kind words. Love you both. (Don’t worry about the boxes…I’m sure you’ll be getting some through the mail in the near future).

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