Takin’ pictures

I’ve been doing a lot of picture takin’ and Peanut’s being doing a lot of…Pickin’ strawberries at Conte Farms!

Eatin’ strawberries….and getting caught in the act =)

Posin’ with her Mommy

Chillin’ in the outdoor recliner

Waitin’ for Daddy to come home (check out the ponytail)

Ridin’ on the back of one of her all-time favorite people =)

Watchin’ her family have fun

Chewin’ on pretend applesauce

Jumpin’ in the air at the Medford Art, Music, and Wine festival

Listenin’ to live music

Playin’ in the sprinkler – and watching Breezy’s reaction

Spendin’ time with friends

Rockin’ great t-shirts

Enjoyin’ a day at Sesame Place

Runnin’ full steam ahead!

Waitin’ (again) for guests to arrive

Celebratin’ being TWO!

Partyin’ with her buddy

Witnessing Mr. Dimples beautiful baptism

and Cheesin’ with her cousins!



Filed under Aunt Kayla, Family, Holidays

4 responses to “Takin’ pictures

  1. Rachael

    LOVE the jump shot!

  2. Becca, gorgeous images as always! And that little miss peanut is just TOO CUTE! She got so big!

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