On the road (again)

After celebrating a fantastic fourth of July with our family we decided to continue carrying the patriotic spirit…

We drove and drove…right through the rolling hills of South Dakota…

all the way to the mighty Mount Rushmore!

(and the minty Mint Rushmore)

Our traveling companions =)

We saw beautiful mountains (with an antsy Peanut)

and interesting signs – hmmmmm…

FYI – I did not approach.  My sister, however is a different story…

Planking high score!

We saw the Crazy Horse Mountain in progress

This is the model of what Crazy Horse will look like – hopefully we can come back when Peanut is older and see it finished!

Big horn sheep

1880 Train

Cuddling daddy in Keystone

The badlands!

We’re so glad that we took the drive out to South Dakota and saw more of this beautiful country.  10+ hours with a toddler could have been mayhem but Peanut was a total angel and made hubby & me proud!  Thanks for looking!



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5 responses to “On the road (again)

  1. Wow, some gorgeous pictures Becca! I see a couple of potential Christmas cards in there 🙂 And WOW, yes, bonus points for your sister planking by the buffalo! Impressive.

    • Thanks Kirby! Yes, I can’t believe we have TWO photos of the three of us – and Peanut is looking at the camera, its’ nothing short of a miracle! haha I still can’t believe my daring sister!

  2. Kay

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. They are going to make for some great memories for all of you. What, pray tell, is “planking”?!?!?!? Does one always “plank” on a roadway near a herd of buffalo? Incidentally, during the summer of 1964, Mt. Rushmore was one of the places I took my two youngest sisters (Kim and Coy, who were 9 and 11, at the time) on our two-month tour of most of the national parks out west. My recollection is that the Crazy Horse project was in its infancy.

  3. Rosanne


    Your pictures are just fantastic, your family, the mountains, buffalo, scenery, everything! It makes me want to travel more. Thanks for sharing!


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