Some more summer highlights…

A day at the lake with Peanut’s cousin!

The Jayman Returns!!  (and the first “official” BBQ at Peanut’s new house)

Peanut partyin’

Happy Birthday Moms!  (Jayman’s mom & my mom have the same birthday)

It was a great day!

Hangin’ with Aunt Kayla…

Where did the ball go?  Haha!

Having fun in the “grocery store” at Johnson’s Farm!

vroom vroom


Peanut & her friend on the hayride!

Pickin’ corn!

Aunt Kayla had fun in the playground too haha

A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple – Congrats Ashley and Teo!

Just Beautiful Gorgeous!  😉

Happy 17th Birthday Aunt Kayla!

Peanut & Grandpa

Aunt Kayla being silly (she really wanted to use that new pocket knife) haha!

Happy birthday!!!



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2 responses to “Summatime

  1. Kay in NJ

    Enjoyed your great photos – as usual. That “watermelon” cake looks like a work of art. Thanks for sharing.

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