Good-bye August

Summer is winding down, and although I have been blocking it from my brain – school starts up for me again next week.  We have certainly had an eventful and fun summer and here are some photos that capture the fun we’ve had…

Bathing beauty at the lake

Swinging with her buddy

All smiles!

A smooch for a friend!

Just another day at the lake with her buddy!

A trip to Maryland to visit Batman Steve and Robin and the site of their future home!!

Peanut loved the pool!

Uncle Brad grillin’ (WATCH OUT!)


We had just as much fun as our Capitol Hillarious trip last year – thank you Steve and Robin for being such great hosts!

Peanut’s cutie cousin turned 3!!!!

Rainy day daddy piggy-backs!

Morning smiles!


With her buddies!

Her buddies even showed her how to play pool…

…kind of


Waiting for the “ball shower”…

woo hoo!

Peanut and her friends sure did have a great summer.  (so did her mommy and daddy)  We can’t wait to see what autumn will bring!



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6 responses to “Good-bye August

  1. Kay

    You cannot beat smiling kiddos for a lift! Thank you for the treat.

  2. Adorable pictures!! I’m pregnant with our first…can’t wait to be able to share picture like yours!

  3. Becca – Love your pics! Can’t wait to show you ours! See you, in September! ( kind of sounds like a song I once knew)

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