Holiday Rewind

It’s hard for me to believe that we just finished celebrating Peanut’s third Christmas.  It seems like just yesterday she was propped up by the tree…

And now she is so big and full of energy that I am lucky to catch her sitting still!

This is a rare photo of one of those moments – Peanut sitting for breakfast with Santa.  We had so much fun this year – family parties, cookie parties, and best of all quality time with those we love…

Christmas hugs for my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

Baking cookies with Uncle Jay

The finished product!

Smiles and laughter with the girls on Christmas Eve

And our boys (+ Peanut)

Oh my goodness – Could it be?  It’s a somewhat-good-photo of the three of us!

Fun presents – Aunt Kayla after she discovered her art table at the end of a very long ribbon!

The girls enjoyed their fingerstaches (from yours truly)


Plenty of monkeying around!

play doh with grandpa on Christmas morning

and paint!

aaah!  the aftermath!  (the sad part is that this was somewhat “cleaned up”)

We had Christmas dinner at Nanny’s!  Yum!

And we made wonderful memories!  We hope that you and your family enjoyed the beauty of this Christmas season!

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