It can’t be possible.  How is it that you are already three years old?  You, my little Peanut, aren’t so little anymore.  My little Peanut is going to be a preschooler next year.  My little Peanut talks in complete sentences, can do somersaults, and is potty trained.  My little Peanut has quite the personality and can entertain just about anyone.  My little Peanut is a sometimes-sassy-sometimes-sweetie pie.  I love you, my little Peanut, from head to toe.  And even though you may not be quite as little anymore, in my heart you will always be my little baby.  (It’s a mommy/daddy thing).  Happy Birthday to you, my little Peanut!



Enjoy some photos from Peanut’s ice cream party last week-end!

Thanks Aunt Rachael for making the awesome ice cream balloons!

“Happy birthday to yoooooou”

Thank you to all of our family & friends!  Peanut had a blast at her birthday party!


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