Summer Lovin’

This post is very photo heavy (and the month’s not even over)!  June started out with Peanut’s birthday celebration (another one on her actual birthday, the girl is loved I tell you!)…it was complete with birthday morning presents and special pancakes…

and of course some lake time

followed up with family & friends BBQ time

After all of Peanut’s birthday celebrating, it was time to celebrate a special friend, Miss. G’s birthday!

Swim time at Miss G’s house

The birthday girl herself!

Happy birthday Miss G!

Next it was time for father’s day…

Yes Hubby, you are as awesome as Kima thinks you are!  (she’s obsessed)

Party time at Grandma-Great & Grandpa-Great’s

Grandpa-Great – would you like more tea with your mint?

Smoochie kisses

Grandpa-Great surprised Hubby with his very own handmade walking stick – he has made each of us one now – and Hubby absolutely loves his!

I know this is blurry but look at that face – I still don’t know what a Dremel is or what it does – but I do know that it looks like my Dad made Hubby’s life haha

So nice of everyone to surprise Hubby with a little birthday cheer on father’s day!

Miss L. and Peanut checking out our shared garden plot over in Freedom Park in Medford!

YUM Snap Peas !

Oh my goodness this photo makes my heart happy

Mr. B. showing the girls how to pick

A little garden slumber =)

More lake time!

Look at Peanut go!  All by herself!

I think Peanut has an audience =)

Backyard picnic time – Kima is the queen of strategic-laying-spots

HA!  Classic!

A little backyard baseball

Pretty little lady

Pretty fur lady

Kima is on chipmunk patrol!  They are eating my blueberries!  (to the left)

I love my little family =)

Thanks for looking!



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6 responses to “Summer Lovin’

  1. Kay

    These are a great group of photos altogether, but that face with the two peas is priceless! I think it may be my new favorite Peanut pic.
    Nana Kay

  2. Jay

    I second Nana’s response above! Great photos, Becster. The pea photo is just plain great, though! Keep snapping away for those of us who live up north and have to watch Peanut grow from afar. You do have one beautiful family.

  3. Rosanne

    love the photos Becca!

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