More summer fun

Riding with the top down!

Trout Fishing in America concert!

Kiddie dance party!
4th of July at the lake

Helping daddy get ready to peel wallpaper!

Hubby out on our canoe!

Sand fun with Miss L

Some Pool time too!

Happy birthday Nanny!

That’s all for now…I have about a million photos on my camera waiting to be uploaded.  I am in a bit of a bind as I have (no lie) 14,000 photos on my computer at the moment!  Until I find a way to better store/organize my photos I am afraid uploading any more might crash my computer haha.  Thanks for looking!


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One response to “More summer fun

  1. Kay

    I do believe that Amelia is a genuine water baby and it is a darn good thing that your home came equipped with a lake! Now, as to the 14,000, may I suggest a few 8 gig sticks? Perhaps a stick/year of Peanut’s life. Staples (and Target) frequently has those on sale.

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