Photos and hurricanes

Ok so I couldn’t take it any more – I broke down and downloaded the photos from my camera onto a computer that isn’t mine.  Without money in the budget for a serious external hard drive, and knowing that I simply can’t put another photo on my computer or it will likely crash, Ifinally decided to go ahead and save them to another computer.  As crazy as it was importing photos from July through October, it was a nice reminder of all of the fun we have had and the memories that have been made.  With the impending hurricane, I couldn’t think of a better way to keep my mind occupied.  🙂  Come along and enjoy these memories with me…

Did someone say hurricane?  Ah, what a beautiful day at the jersey shore.

Uncle  birthday celebration for his mom, Cathy.

The birthday girl!

Helping Uncle Jay put candles in the tiramisu

…aaanndd maybe that wasn’t the best idea!  haha!

Happy birthday to a wonderful mother, friend, and just all around great person!

Peanut’s cousin E came to visit!


Love =)

The girls watching their parents in neighborhood softball game

Neighborhood crew

Princess Party!

A new friend!

First pony ride at Indian Acres fall festival =)

Uncle Rich tickling Peanut & Mr. Dimples!

The apple-picking crew!

I love my little Peanut

Happy birthday Mr. A!

Beautiful friends

Happy birthday little Miss L!


Cutie patootie!

Silly pants…



Little handsome man and Beautiful mama

The girls at the farm

Uncle Jeremy came to visit!

Peanut in the Pumpkin Patch!

Mr. Dimples is so proud!

Nanny came!

The neighborhood Halloween Party!

The girls at the party =)

Adventures in Storybook Land!

Handsome man in his Tiger costume!

Sweet friends


And ever!!


Happy Halloween!!! (hehe) =) For those of you in our area, please stay safe!


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